Amani B., HR Manager

Lauren is great to work with as a job seeker and I look forward to working with her from the employer’s side. She has been a constant encouragement and affirmation during my search. I can trust her not to waste my time with jobs or companies that would be a poor fit, which means if …

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Carol F., Senior TA Partner

When I made the decision to transition from agency recruiting to an internal recruiting position, I sought out the advice of Lauren Francis. I was immediately impressed by my interaction with Lauren and her team. She quickly assessed my experience, talent and what I could bring to the table for a few select clients. Her …

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Cindy R., HR Generalist

I have worked with Lauren for the past three years. She is a consummate professional, and has been most helpful to me both with job placements and as a resource in my work. Lauren always responds to my inquiries and is clear and upfront with the information that she provides. I cannot state enough how …

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Laura D., HR Generalist

I wanted to send you all a giant thank you! Everything is going well in my new role, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the work you put in to get me here. Your support was invaluable! You are awesome!

Shari P., Safety Manager

I’ve been in my new role for three months and am extremely engaged in my work. I can see how my role can progress as I grow, and I appreciate all the support and help you’ve given me to land this role. Thank you.

Zach C., TA Specialist

The opportunity to have exposure to a business like the organization I interviewed for is what initially hooked me and has kept me hooked since. The organization lives and breathes its core values, which feels like a rare occasion in today’s modern business. Sure, the mission statement is there, but how many people actually live …

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