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Amplify Your Impact Through Leadership Coaching

Proactively setting your leadership team up for success is critical to developing and maintaining a successful organization. Leveraging leadership coaching to achieve growth as a ...
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How Transformational Leadership Turns Your Organization into a Career Destination

Organizations invest time and resources in recruiting top talent, but it doesn’t stop there! High-performing teams are a valuable asset to any organization, so creating ...
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Navigating Today's Job Market with Clarity and Confidence

Navigating Today’s Job Market with Clarity and Confidence

In this special episode of Mulberry Conversations, we’re combining the expertise of Brandi Oldham, owner and founding coach of Talent Career Coaching, and Mac Prichard, ...
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Activating Your Career Dreams to Achieve Work Life Balance

Activating Your Career Dreams to Achieve Work Life Balance

Career Activator Madelyn Mackie joins Mulberry Talent Partners’ CEO and Senior Talent Advisor, Lauren Francis, to discuss where to start when making a career change ...
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Building a Mission-Driven Career Path

Building a Mission Driven Career Path

Discover the inspiring path from corporate success to non-profit impact as we sit down with Traci Rossi, Executive Director of Friends of the Children, in ...
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Is Your Resume as Great as it Should Be? Key Tips you Need to Know!

Most people are confused about what to include or leave off on their resume, let alone how long it should be. Certified resume writer Dawn Rasmussen has been ...
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Adapting to a Changing Job Market: Resume and LinkedIn Essentials

Adapting to a Changing Job Market: Resume and LinkedIn Essentials

The landscape of the job market has undergone significant changes in recent years. During the Great Recession, a seismic shift left many individuals shocked and ...
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Career Reflections: Finding Support When Considering a Shift

Career Reflections: Finding Support When Considering a Shift

Recently, we’ve witnessed more individuals reevaluating their career choices and seeking roles that align with their values and offer them a sense of purpose. This ...
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Building a Problem-Solving Culture: A Path to Success

Building a Problem-Solving Culture: A Path to Success 

In today’s fast-moving business landscape, organizations face many challenges that demand innovative solutions. To thrive in such an environment, companies must foster a problem-solving culture ...
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Top Talent Acquisition Trends of 2023 & How to Address Them

Top Talent Acquisition Trends of 2023 & How to Address Them

Talent Acquisition professionals have been through many eras, in only a short number of years. We witnessed the hiring boom of 2018 & 2019, then ...
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Communication Strategies for Promoting Open Enrollment Mulberry Conversations

Winning Communication Strategies for Promoting Open Enrollment Benefits  

Open enrollment communication doesn’t have to be a bore and can bring real benefits to your employees. Join Mulberry Talent Partners and HR expert Jill Freeman in ...
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The Truth About What Your Employees Want

The Truth About What Your Employees Want

Learn the truth about what your employees want with Xenium HR's Lacey Partipilo and Mulberry Talent Partner's CEO, Lauren Francis.
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Ace Your Next Virtual Interview

Virtual interviews can be a little nerve-wracking, but we have all the tips to help your confidence shine through the screen. Look no further than our Virtual Interview Guide to learn how to build rapport through the screen and get invited to the next round!

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Kind Words

Jared S., Director

I am happy to share an update on my job search – it was successful!  I’m starting as the Director of Technology at a company based out of MN on Monday. It feels like a great move for me, and I’m super pumped to start. I found this opportunity thanks to you introducing me to your colleague who owns another agency that was a better match for my skills set who in turn introduced me to a great Recruiter who pushed me for this role. I am incredibly grateful to you for taking the time to talk with me when you did, it was during a particularly difficult time for me and your graciousness with your time and network will never be forgotten by me. Thank you so much.  

Cali G., HR Manager

Thank you for everything you did for me in helping me land this new role. I really had a feeling about them so thank you for sticking with me. Special thank you to Emma, for putting me forward and to Kristen, for the interview preparation! This job is an amazing opportunity for my career and will benefit my family as I seek to support them in the best way I can!

Happy Candidate, HR Director

I so appreciated your expertise, advocacy, and professionalism in providing me an opportunity to interview with one of my dream employers. The process you provided was exceptional, from the first contact to searching for the best match for the role to my skills, talents, and experiences, to preparing me for the interview and coordinating the first meeting! Your personal touches and support of encouragement and reminders were outstanding!

Myka W., HR Generalist

Hi, Lauren! Happy Sunday. It’s been a while since we talked. Time flies by so fast! I’ve worked at my current company for almost two years in the USA. I wanted to say thanks for believing in me even before I came here to the USA. Although I wasn’t able to get hired through your company, your confidence in me gave me the courage to find my career in a new land. I hope you get to help more people like me in the future! Thank you!

Amani B., HR Manager

Lauren is great to work with as a job seeker and I look forward to working with her from the employer’s side. She has been a constant encouragement and affirmation during my search. I can trust her not to waste my time with jobs or companies that would be a poor fit, which means if she calls me about a role that is outside of my normal search criteria, I know it’s not just to fill a requisition – it means she genuinely believes it would be a good match. I predict that this is only the beginning of a career-long partnership!

Isabelle H., Professional Services

I have never witnessed such a positive, healthy & encouraging internal work environment & dynamic between coworkers like I’ve witnessed with Mulberry Talent Partners. It’s so cool to see these kinds of people finding jobs for others whilst fostering an incredible workspace internally, which is so important. They’ve got it figured out. It’s a delight to work with them.

Eva, Hospitality

Amy is amazing! She spent about an hour of her life she can never get back again, talking with me so I could give her important info on these two critical hires. I know in business, time is money. Her generosity and your team’s efforts are much appreciated.

Brian K., Manufacturing

I have been fortunate to work with Lauren as both her client and as a job seeker. As her client, Lauren will go out of her way to understand your organization and its needs. She also understands and respects that you have multiple priorities and works to make your job easier. At a time when I needed to rebuild parts of my HR team, Lauren was all over it, quickly bringing high-caliber candidates that were a fit for the organization. As a job seeker, Lauren has been a great coach, connector, and positive influence. She and her team at Mulberry will always be a key, go-to resource.

Shelby S., Construction

I cannot recommend Lauren enough. She goes above and beyond for her clients and partners, and, most of all, she is an absolute joy to work with.

Robin K., Professional Services

It’s such a pleasure partnering with you and your team, Lauren! From our very first interaction, your dedication to the work you do and the candidates and clients you serve – and your passion – clearly shine through. Mulberry’s high-touch communication, devotion to everyone’s success, and highly personalized approach have set you apart in a crowded space. I appreciated having the opportunity to participate in your Mulberry Career Conversations webinar to share resume and LinkedIn profile tips. Such a positive experience all around! And, Kelsey was amazing throughout the process. Her communication and support were impeccable. I’m really grateful our paths have crossed.

Tanya P., Non-Profit

We worked with Mulberry at a moment when our company had some particularly ambitious and evolving recruitment needs. Kristen and her team’s ability to quickly understand these needs, keep pace and patience with the moving details and ultimately bring exactly the right talent forward was amazing! Additionally, her keen insights and guidance through the entire process added a level of unexpected value that I’m sure will help our match be successful. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Tina F., Government

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Lauren Francis and her team. We needed the right fit for an HR position, and Lauren sent us several excellent candidates. The process was as easy as I’ve ever had when going through a placement and temp. to hire situation. Lauren listens well, responds promptly and provides the exact support you need when hiring.

Jennifer H., Manufacturing

I have utilized Lauren on multiple occasions for human resource temporary and direct hire positions. She is very thorough in her work, communicates well with me and does a fantastic job selecting individuals from their qualifications and most importantly for an overall fit within the organization. I love her energy and the excitement she brings to every hire!

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