Portland Talent Agency FAQ!

Whether expanding and building teams, seeking specific skill sets, or facing time constraints, relying on a reputable staffing agency can significantly simplify hiring. Turnover in employees costs an organization 1.5 to 2 times an employee’s salary, so finding the perfect fit from the beginning is crucial. At Mulberry, we combine our expertise and passion to source the right talent for your organization. Here are some frequently asked questions about working with a staffing agency in Portland:

Partnering with staffing agencies in Portland, such as Mulberry Talent Partners, offers multiple benefits. These include access to a local talent pool, specialized knowledge of the Portland job market, and expertise in the hiring process. Utilizing such services can save valuable time and resources and alleviate the challenges of finding the perfect candidates.

There is an art to finding the best talent placement, an art that staffing agencies have achieved with years of experience. Staffing agencies take charge of labor-intensive hiring tasks through streamlined and personalized processes, like posting job ads, pre-screening candidates, and conducting initial interviews, with ease and efficiency. This frees you up to concentrate on crucial responsibilities while they identify and evaluate potential hires. Attracting the right fit from the beginning will save your organization time and money in the long run.

Our expertise spans industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, nonprofits, creative, and more. Our service offerings include talent recruitment for executive search, administrative, human resources, logistics professionals, accounting, finance, and operations. We tailor our search to the unique needs of each client.  As Portland evolves, so does the job landscape. We have an extensive understanding of where workforce demands are shifting, and this adaptability is our key specialization.

Yes, we provide adaptable staffing solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Our high-touch, personalized approach to hiring allows us to collaborate with your organization to produce quality outcomes, whether you require temporary staff for a particular project or seek permanent employees. We ensure clear communication regarding the type of staffing needed before finalizing any placements. Let’s chat about what fit is best for you!

Mulberry Talent Partners provides comprehensive, streamlined, and personalized support throughout the hiring process, from outlining your hiring needs to onboarding. Our services encompass candidate sourcing, interviews, and guiding the hiring process. When you partner with Mulberry for your hiring needs, you receive support and decades of expertise from our team of passionate recruiters committed to your success. Whether you prefer a more hands-off approach, seek guidance through our resources, or require additional assistance, our team adapts to cater to your needs.

Great question! The truth is we have an incredible community of really devoted talent acquisition specialists in Portland. At Mulberry, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach, knowledge of the local job market, and commitment to supporting the Portland community.  We have a renowned team of individuals who have accumulated numerous awards for their exceptional and professional service. Learn more about us here.

The first step is reaching out! You can contact us via email, social media messaging, or our website. Please contact our team, and we’ll schedule an initial consultation to understand your hiring requirements better.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions.

Our team is dedicated to streamlining your hiring process and maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you’re looking for temporary, direct-hire, or consulting services, we are prepared to help you discover the ideal talent for your organization and its unique culture.

Kind Words

Christina H., Vice President

[Mulberry’s] insights into what recruiters and employers look for in a resume, how to make a standout impression, and what to avoid in crafting an effective resume are truly invaluable. [Their] expertise and knowledge in the field of human resources, as well as [their] passion for helping others succeed in their careers, [are] evident. [Mulberry’s] practical tips and advice have given our members a better understanding of what it takes to create a winning resume and will undoubtedly help them to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Ann B., Director of Sales

Kristen, I wanted to send you a quick thank you. I was listening in on the PHRMA webinar on “The Art & Science Behind an Accepted Offer” you just did with Scott and Kimi, and it was great! I learned many helpful tips that will be beneficial for our customers. Thank you, you did a great job!

Kim C., HR Manager

I wanted to take just a minute of your time to let you know how professional and pleasant your team here in Austin was when I worked with them on a potential opening.  Even though I did not get the job, I must commend Amy and her team on how they handled things. Unfortunately, being responsive and following up doesn’t always happen in today’s world, so I was pleasantly surprised by your team’s approach.  Wishing you a prosperous 2023!

Trent B., Recruiter

Even though I never interviewed or was placed by you all, you each helped me in my search to figure out my path. Plus, the webinar with Robin was very insightful and helpful for me. I clearly need to step up my LinkedIn game!

Haley, HR Coordinator

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday – it’s nice to feel like I have someone on my team! I appreciate the resume tips and the suggestions on how to get involved in PHRMA. I’m looking forward to connecting with you again soon!

Renee Q., HR & Administrative Director

I met Lauren through networking and she was a tremendous resource for me! First she helped get my resume organized in such a way that my skills and accomplishments really stood out and made it easier for recruiters to see me for who I am and what I have to offer. Then, and this was of the most benefit I think, she provided probably the most direct and honest feedback I’d received to set my expectations and get my career on track. Her experience and expertise showed from the beginning and her willingness to help me as an individual was truly a gift.

Cindy R., HR Generalist

I have worked with Lauren for the past three years. She is a consummate professional, and has been most helpful to me both with job placements and as a resource in my work. Lauren always responds to my inquiries and is clear and upfront with the information that she provides. I cannot state enough how valuable she has been to me and to my colleagues.

Liz H., Government

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Mulberry for their excellent service during a very stressful time. Our latest hire is a gem; we are lucky Mulberry found her. My experience established a trust not often seen these days – trust that they would really listen and deliver the best candidates as quickly as possible.

Melissa M., Manufacturing

Lauren and Mulberry have helped me fill four roles at this point, and I’ve been very happy with their targeted sourcing for my positions. She’s done a lot of work to understand my unique requirements and preferences and has helped place professionals in my organization who have added immediate value. Thanks, Lauren.

Robin K., Professional Services

It’s such a pleasure partnering with you and your team, Lauren! From our very first interaction, your dedication to the work you do and the candidates and clients you serve – and your passion – clearly shine through. Mulberry’s high-touch communication, devotion to everyone’s success, and highly personalized approach have set you apart in a crowded space. I appreciated having the opportunity to participate in your Mulberry Career Conversations webinar to share resume and LinkedIn profile tips. Such a positive experience all around! And, Kelsey was amazing throughout the process. Her communication and support were impeccable. I’m really grateful our paths have crossed.

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