How Transformational Leadership Turns Your Organization into a Career Destination

Organizations invest time and resources in recruiting top talent, but it doesn’t stop there! High-performing teams are a valuable asset to any organization, so creating a healthy workplace culture to retain talent and protect your investment is crucial. On this episode of Mulberry Conversations, Vista Capital Partner’s Chief People Officer Tana Thomson joins Mulberry’s CEO and Senior Talent Advisor Lauren Francis to unpack how transformational leadership principles can instill core values into every level of your organization and build a culture that reduces turnover and increases productivity. 

Learn how key transformational leadership strategies create change within an organization by: 

✅Increasing team morale 

✅ Boosting engagement

✅Improving conflict resolution 

✅Decreasing turnover 

✅Fostering a positive workplace culture.   

Tana Thomson is the Chief People Officer at Vista Capital Partners. She has also served as VP of Human Resources for Xenium HR, an HR services company serving over 400 clients in varying industries.  With over 15 years in senior leadership and organization building, her expertise areas are leadership coaching, performance management, training and development, compensation and total rewards, culture development, and employee relations.  We are excited to share how investing in your employees, giving them autonomy, and offering clear paths to advancement can turn your organization into a career destination.

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