Building a Mission Driven Career Path

Discover the inspiring path from corporate success to non-profit impact as we sit down with Traci Rossi, Executive Director of Friends of the Children, in our latest Mulberry Conversation!

Traci Rossi shares the incredible impact of 1:1 mentorship and the supportive community of Friends of the Children. Her amazing journey from Xerox to a high-powered law firm and then to non-profit work is sure to inspire. Find out what fuels her passion for non-profits and how she discovered her calling in our conversation.

Friends of the Children is the recipient of contributions from Mulberry Talent Partners on behalf of our clients and has also been one of our valued clients. They’re a beloved non-profit in the Pacific Northwest and were recently recognized as the #1 Most Admired non-profit by the Portland Business Journal.

We’re so grateful to be part of Friends of the Children’s supportive community!

Mulberry Musings

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