Winning Communication Strategies for Promoting Open Enrollment Benefits  

Open enrollment communication doesn’t have to be a bore and can bring real benefits to your employees. Join Mulberry Talent Partners and HR expert Jill Freeman in a conversation about taking the boring out of benefits communication for open enrollment. 

In this Leadership Conversation, we share how you can leverage year-round messaging to give your employees the most comprehensive information to leverage their benefits.  Some key takeaways will include: 

✅ Helping you rethink how to promote benefits with practical, creative communication strategies

✅ Giving you an understanding of the key communication differences between choosing and using benefits

✅ Helping you gain insights from before and after comparisons of bringing benefits to life during open enrollment 

We enjoyed this conversation with Jill Freeman and are so grateful she shared her expertise and tips on benefits enrollment, and we hope you enjoy the replay! 

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