Top Talent Acquisition Trends of 2023 & How to Address Them

Talent Acquisition professionals have been through many eras, in only a short number of years. We witnessed the hiring boom of 2018 & 2019, then pandemic layoffs, the “Great Resignation,” and most recently, the “Great Reshuffling.” In 2023, while this talent acquisition era is yet to be named, we are witnessing some new trends that provide clues to what lies ahead. Listen as Lauren Francis and HR expert Annie Ekstrom dive into the top talent trends and explore how novel attraction strategies, and flexibility can help you be successful in this new era.  

Here are just a few highlights Lauren Francis and Annie Ekstrom explored in our Mulberry Conversation.

✅ 9/10 Employers are struggling to hire due to skill gaps 

✅ 40% of Job Seekers are still looking for better salary and benefits packages 

✅ Competitive, transparent wages matter to candidates 

✅ 44% of workers skills will be disrupted in the next five years as technology and environmental challenges increase the importance of problem solving, resilience, flexibilty, agility, and motivation 

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