Walk Away to Win: Combat Workplace Bullying

What comes to mind when you hear the term “workplace bullying”? Even if the term is new to you, there is a high chance you have witnessed or experienced this rarely-acknowledged problem at some point in your career. According to research, 30% of Americans have been bullied at work, 19% have witnessed it, and about 49% have felt their work affected.

We were honored to have former Nike VP, Megan Carle, explain the strategies for recognizing and combating bullying behavior in the workplace. In our #MulberryConversation, Megan shared:

🤝 The different forms of workplace bullying

🤝 The impact of bullying on individuals and organizations

🤝 The importance of creating a culture of respect and inclusion in the workplace

🤝 And more

Despite the prevalence of this experience, most people who are targets of bullying by bosses or peers feel alone, guilty, and ashamed. Megan knows this feeling all too well.  In 2016—after working at Nike for almost three decades—she reached the pinnacle of her career as Vice President/General Manager of North American basketball. Unfortunately, no one suspected Megan had been experiencing bullying, and she was stonewalled by higher-ups when she asked for help. As a result, her health and work performance were considerably impacted, and she made the difficult decision to walk away.

In her new book, “WALK AWAY TO WIN: A Playbook to Combat Workplace Bullying,” Megan shines a light on this insidious and often invisible form of workplace violence. She shows that bullying takes an immense physical and mental toll on those targeted, the colleagues who witness it, and the bottom lines of the companies that tolerate it.

If you want to recognize and combat workplace bullying to create a safe and respectful workplace for all, then tune in to this #MulberryConversation!

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