The War on Talent: Interview Process Redesign

Join the Mulberry Talent Partners team and our guest Jeff Eyman, JLE People Solutions LLC, for a Mulberry Leadership Conversation, The War on Talent: Interview Process Redesign. This is part three of a three-part series focused on the War on Talent.

In this third conversation, we cover redesigning the interview process and focus on:

  • Awareness that Maslow’s Hierarchy is in play even more so now for candidates in the interview process
  • Awareness that “hybrid” interview processes have an impact on attracting talent
  • Awareness that the design of the interview process needs to align with job description

Jeff Eyman is a veteran of 30+ years in human resources leadership roles in the hi-tech and transportation industries. Jeff started a consulting business (JLE People Solutions LLC) in 2021 focused on partnering with organizations, leaders, and HR professionals on talent. Attraction, development, and retention of talent in this new world shaped by a global pandemic.

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