The Truth About What Your Employees Want

Wondering what people want most in an employer and workplace? The most prized benefits? Investments in culture that make an impact? Xenium has those insights—drawn from local organizations, benchmarked against past surveys, and formulated to help shape your HR strategies. 

Join Xenium HR‘s Senior Director of Client Success, Lacey Partipilo, and Mulberry Talent Partners, Chief Executive Officer and Talent Advisor, Lauren Francis, on a deep dive into insights from the Xenium annual “What People Want From Work” survey. In this discussion, we break down the data, highlight major themes, and discuss key trends and how to apply them to transform your employee experience. 

In our #LeadershipConversation Lacey & Lauren discussed:

✅ The #1 thing employees want from their employers besides money and benefits

✅ The top three factors that retain employees

✅ The five top ways employees want their employers to improve

✅ And more!

With over 15 years of HR experience and as an awarded member of Xenium’s Culture Integration and Team Enhancement Committee, Lacey Partipilo is an expert in employee experience. We are delighted for her to join our leadership conversation. 

Watch the conversation to learn how to leverage insights about “What Your Employees Want” and access the latest Xenium ebook and early access to the 2023 “What People Want From Work” survey via the video.

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