Taking the Plus One Pledge with LinkedIn

Taking the Plus One Pledge with LinkedIn

Employers and job seekers want the same thing: to find a great fit. It sounds simple, but it isn’t always. Employers often get more than enough applicants, but many of them come from people who aren’t good fits, and sorting through them can be a Herculean undertaking. At the same time, job seekers don’t always hear about great opportunities, at least not until the position has already been filled. Both parties suffer. The Plus One Pledge can help.

Referrals Make the Difference

According to LinkedIn, job seekers on LinkedIn are nine times more likely to be hired if they’ve been referred. In other words, who you know matters.

But what if you don’t know anyone?

Building a professional network takes time, and it’s especially difficult if you’re starting from scratch. Some people may be at a definite disadvantage.

  • They’re new to the area.
  • They’re just starting out in their career or are switching to a new career.
  • They don’t have any friends or family members with connections.

These job seekers may have what it takes to be great employees, but without a good network, they’ll have a harder time getting their foot in the door.

The Plus One Pledge

Think about how you’ve gotten to where you are in your career. You probably worked very hard for every promotion and every job offer, but you probably didn’t do it alone. You had mentors and colleagues who gave you stellar recommendations. You had friends and acquaintances who passed on job hunting tips. In short, you had help.

It’s time to give back.

Maybe you already know this, and you are actively trying to help other people climb up the career ladder. If so, however, you’re probably focusing on the people in your professional network. This leaves out people with no professional network.

This is where the LinkedIn Plus One Pledge can help. By taking the pledge, you promise to help the people who need it most – the people who are trying to establish a professional network and need guidance. It’s a way of giving someone a needed chance. By growing your own network, it could also benefit you down the line.

Join Us

If this sounds good to you, there are several ways to fulfill the LinkedIn Plus One Pledge. You could join a mentoring program as a mentor. Although this can be time-consuming, it is also very rewarding and can help you develop your own skills and confidence. Helping others doesn’t always have to involve a formal arrangement, however. If someone asks you for guidance or advice, take a moment to provide it. You can also answer questions, provide tips or make a helpful introduction. Small acts of encouragement can make a big difference.

Mulberry Talent Partners has taken the Plus One Pledge. We hope you will join us.

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