Six Keys to a Successful Recruiting Agency Partnership

Recruiting top talent can be a major drain on a company’s resources. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, it takes an average of 42 days to fill a position. Working with a recruiting agency like Mulberry Talent Partners is a great way to streamline the process. As with any partnership, however, a good relationship takes effort on both ends. To foster a successful agency partnership, keep these six tips in mind.

Be very specific.

Set clear expectations up front so you get exactly what you need, when you need it. You should provide your recruiter with a written job description, as well as a profile of the specific backgrounds, experience levels and characteristics that work best in the role. As you develop the profile, think about your most successful current employees and what makes them so well-suited for the position. Share any specific deadlines and timelines that you have in mind.

Help us paint a picture for the candidate. 

You want to know about the candidate, but the candidate also wants to know about you. To find a good match, both sides need information. Provide details that will help the candidate determine whether your position is a good fit, including information about your workplace culture, your benefits package and growth opportunities. Share videos, links to key website pages and any other materials available to set your company apart.

Respond quickly. 

A highly skilled candidate may have many options, so time is of the essence. In this tight market, you can remain competitive as an employer by reviewing candidate profiles quickly and expediting candidate interviews whenever possible. It’s also important to provide timely feedback after interviews and throughout the process. Regular updates will help us keep your top candidates engaged.

Keep an open mind.

When it comes to finding the ideal candidate, both experience and potential matter. You have a list of skills that you’re looking for in a candidate but finding an exact match may not always be necessary. If a candidate seems like a good match overall and has most of the qualifications you’re looking for, one missing skill may not be a deal breaker. Be open to areas that could be trained.

Consider the candidate’s career path. 

The candidate’s career will continue to progress after the hiring and onboarding processes are complete. Think about how the position fits into a longer path. Is the candidate so qualified that the role does not provide room for additional growth? Or is the candidate just reaching the skills needed, creating an opportunity for growth and giving the company a candidate who will be engaged for a long time?

Be mindful of opportunity costs.

The recruiting process is time-consuming. When managed internally, recruiting often takes the back burner behind other corporate objectives. Yet, if your open positions were filled, you could achieve your company’s goals faster. Why incur these expensive opportunity costs? Save team bandwidth and get double the work done by partnering with Mulberry Talent Partners.

Need help attracting top talent? Contact us for a productive and cost-effective recruiting agency partnership.

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