Searching For Your Next Role During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has come quickly and made an immeasurable impact on our daily lives. While it is not an ideal time to be searching for a new role, there is still much hope to be had in finding your next position. In a world that seems to be changing daily, it is important to be agile and flexible, especially as it pertains to managing your job search.

In light of the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” policies, many companies have migrated to remote work. We have seen a large increase in video platforms being used to host daily check-ins, meetings, and interviews. A video interview may seem intimidating, but it gives the organization the ability to meet and get to know you—in the comfort, and safety, of your own home. This setting can often serve as a wonderful boost of confidence and help to ease your interview nerves, as you are able to control your own surroundings.

At Mulberry, we offer a full suite of services for our candidates, including interview preparation. Here’s a snippet of our video interview guide:

  • Dress appropriately—this means wearing what you would wear to an in-person interview. Check out our Pinterest for inspiration.
  • No gum (ever!).
  • Turn off your cell phone before starting the call.
  • Make sure your connection is working 5-10 minutes ahead of the call. Test links, your internet, video, and sound.
  • Make sure you have a professional background (blank wall, in an office).
  • Remove any background noise or distractions from your environment (Pets, T.V., etc.).
  • Have a copy of your resume, as well as a pen & pad of paper in front of you during your call.
  • Send a thank you email to your interviewer(s) the same day. If you don’t have their emails, we can provide them to you.

Another great option to consider during this time period is contract work, especially when starting a new career or job. Contract work is a great way to build your resume, make connections, and obtain experience while you are searching for your long-term role. In this unsure time, we are predicting employers to favor contract or temp-to-hire employment solutions over committing to a direct-hire placement. Getting your foot in as a contractor establishes you in the organization and sets you on the right path to convert to a full-time employee. At that point, it is up to you to show your drive, work ethic, and determination to becoming an essential part of their operations.

Here at Mulberry we continue to operate at full capacity and are actively filling roles. Register with us by emailing your resume to hello (at)

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