Leveraging LinkedIn

Join the Mulberry Talent Partners team and Personal Brand Strategist & Coach, Laura Fravel, for a Career Conversation Leveraging LinkedIn, including tips and tricks to uplevel your profile and use the community & platform for greater career success.

What’s the first thing that usually ranks #1 or #2 on a Google search of your name? That’s right, your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has a powerful presence, with 180 million users in the US alone. It is not only the first impression potential employers and clients get of you, but it is also one of the biggest opportunities you have to stand out from all of your competition.

Nowadays, LinkedIn is so much more than a resume. It’s an OPPORTUNITY. It’s a powerful tool to not only get in front of potential employers and clients, but stand out from all of your competition.

The question is: Does your profile truly reflect who you are and all that you offer? Does what people see when they Google your name align with who you truly are?

In this webinar we dive into tips & tricks for:

  • Creating a stand-out LinkedIn profile.
  • Leveraging the platform to gain visibility and opportunity!

Laura Fravel is a personal brand strategist & storyteller helping executives and entrepreneurs elevate their expertise… to be seen, profitable and impactful. After 20 years producing stories for TV-media and big brands – from National Geographic to Netflix and Amazon – she saw the difference one person’s story can, and does, make, if we know how to share it with the world. Today, she coaches thought leaders to identify their influential story and develop a strategy to get visible, for both income and impact.

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