Job Seeker Series: Benefits of working with a boutique hiring agency in your job search


When you’re looking for new employment, the endless avenues for finding job openings can seem daunting and overwhelming. It can also be hard to make your resume and application stand out from other applicants competing for the same job. However, there is an easy solution. When you choose to work with a boutique hiring agency to find your next job, your job search is streamlined and simplified.

Personalized attention

Boutique hiring agencies like Mulberry Talent Partners take the time to get to know you personally. You’ll meet one-on-one with a talent acquisition partner who will build a relationship with you and understand your employment wants and needs so that they can match you with the perfect position and employer.

Access to high quality employers and job openings

When looking for a new job, weeding through endless job postings can be exhausting. It can be hard to tell legitimate positions and employers from those that are trying to mislead job seekers. When you work with a boutique hiring agency, all of the positions are already vetted. Mulberry Talent Partners has built relationships with many of the most desirable employers in Portland, Oregon and we know what types of candidates they are looking for to fill open positions. We’ll only present job opportunities to you that we feel make a perfect match for you and your prospective employer.

Get your application on the shortlist

The personal relationship your boutique hiring agency builds with you and employers means that you can get on the shortlist for open positions. At Mulberry Talent Partners, we have working relationships with many employers in the Portland area. When we personally present job candidates to employers, they often receive preference over applications received via other sources.

Specialization in specific professions

Boutique hiring agencies often specialize in connecting job seekers and employers within limited fields and professions. This focus allows the agency to focus and become experts in these specific fields. At Mulberry Talent Partners, we focus on professional office, administrative, human resources, accounting/finance, payroll, and customer service professions. Because of our intimate understanding of these professions from the perspective of both the employer and employee, we can be confident we are making matches that will last.

There are many ways to find a new job, but there’s only one way to find the perfect match. Boutique hiring agencies like Mulberry Talent Partners provide job seekers with access to hundreds of local employers, vetted positions in specialized fields and the individualized attention needed to find your dream job. Learn more about how Mulberry Talent Partners can support you by clicking here

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