What Candidates Want: Personal, Professional, and Mental Health Support

Times are changing, and so must employers who want to compete for top talent. If a company wants to attract and retain the most talented workers, they must go above and beyond and offer great perks, up-to-date technology, and more. 

Determining what candidates truly desire when it comes to long-term employment can be difficult, which is why the Mulberry Talent Partners team is partnering with Alex Newman, Director of Partnership at Boon Health, to provide leaders with the tips and insights needed to solve this challenge. In this interactive #LeadershipConversation we will discuss:

🤔  How employers can differentiate their company from competitors by highlighting their employee experience, which is the biggest driver of employee retention and employee engagement

🤔  How employers can provide more approachable and accessible resources that employees will use

🤔  How employers can further invest in the development of their existing staff to ensure that their business is still meeting organizational goals with less headcount than initially forecasted

🤔  And more!

Like many in the workforce, Alex experienced significant feelings of stress and burnout over the years and eventually left his job at DocuSign to reassess what he wanted his professional future to look like.  Through conversations with his friend and Boon’s Co-Founder, Chris Henrichs, Alex joined Boon in January to bring more approachable and accessible personal growth, professional development, and overall mental well-being support into the workplace.  We encourage you to register today and join us on Thursday, December 8th, from 12 pm – 12:45 pm PST, where Alex will discuss his experience helping forward-thinking companies attract and retain their talent by providing the mental health support they deserve.


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