Spotting Green Flags: Interviewing for Culture Fit

As we gain career experience, we often look for red flags, but what about all the green ones we come across? From culture fit to hidden opportunities, are you trained to spot green flags in your job search quickly?

Many candidates are looking for more when it comes to their next opportunity. They want to ensure they will be working for an organization that supports their growth as individuals in addition to their salary and benefits.

Mulberry Talent Partners and Erika Khanna have teamed up to share how you can better interview your interviewer and look for green flags and hidden opportunities during your job search.  We discussed:

✅  How to interview the interviewer and uncover a team’s values
✅  How to identify unique aspects of team culture and how you could add to it
✅  How to look out for your future self by discovering how a company functions and whether you will gain from the experience
✅  And more!

Our special guest, Erika Khanna, sits at the cornerstone of communication, operations, and organizational development. She supports teams in developing clear communication and operational infrastructure that empowers team collaboration, especially in remote and hybrid settings.

With 12 years of experience in film and tech, Erika is driven to build impactful communications programs with creativity and integrity. Her goal is to positively impact people and inspire leading through humility.

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