Employer Series: Top interview questions to find the perfect match for your team

Making a new hire is a big investment. So, when you finally choose the candidate for the job, you want to make sure it’s the perfect match! If you’re already with a staffing agency like Mulberry Talent Partners, much of the heavy lifting in searching for qualified candidates is already done for you, but ultimately, selecting that ideal match is up to the employer. Only you can judge whether a person’s personality, work ethic, skills, and work experience will meet your expectations and office culture.

So, how do you decide which candidate is truly the best match? We always suggest our clients consider asking a few specific types of questions during the interview process.

“Tell me about…” Interview Questions

These types of questions help you judge how a candidate will perform in specific types of work situations and will help you gauge a candidate’s true qualifications. These questions often start with the phrase, “Tell me about a time when…” to encourage the applicant to bring up specific examples from their professional life.

Some examples of this type of question include:

  • “Tell me about a time when you found your work more difficult than usual and how you responded to that difficulty.”
  • “Tell me about what you consider your biggest professional strength and how you’ve used that strength in your work.”
  • “Tell me about how you earned (any award or accolade listed in applicant’s resume).”
  • “Tell me about a time you had a disagreement at work and how you handled it.”

Workplace/Environment Interview Questions

These types of questions focus on office culture. A candidate can be highly qualified for your open position, but if they aren’t accustomed to your type of office culture or don’t thrive in an environment like your organization, they likely won’t be satisfied with the position and may not be committed for the long term.

Some examples of workplace/environment questions include:

  • “With what kind of management style do you perform best?”
  • “What is your ideal work environment?”
  • “What types of projects do you enjoy working on?”
  • “Do you prefer working on a team or independently? Why?”

Salary/Competition Interview Questions

Job candidates are often interviewing and applying for jobs at multiple employers. To gain insight, you could ask them, “Tell me about your job search and the types of roles you are considering.” Asking this can help you determine what type of position they may truly be looking for, as well as gauge where they are at in their job search.

Salary can be a complicated sticking point for both candidates and employers, but we always recommend that employers share the range they are targeting. In addition to sharing a salary range, be sure to share more about your various benefits offerings. The more information you provide upfront, the better it is for all involved.

For candidates who are currently employed, ask what it would take for their current employer to keep them. This question gives you insight into why the interviewee is looking for new work and what types of job perks they value. Is the move based on salary? Desire for advancement/promotion opportunities? Better benefits? Training/education opportunities? The response to this question will help you determine if you are capable of providing what they are truly looking for. Also, you may ask the candidate if there is a chance that their employer might make an effort to retain them in the event of another offer. These types of questions help you understand their motivations, goals, and the likelihood of them accepting of an offer from your organization.

Want to learn more about how you can find the perfect match for your next hire? Contact Mulberry Talent Partners at 503-208-2749 or hello@mulberrytalent.com.

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