Turning Your Income Into Wealth

Join Lauren Francis of Mulberry Talent Partners, and Kristen Winter, How Money Works educator, for a virtual job search workshop on Thursday, June 25th at 12:00pm.

In this interactive, 30-minute online workshop, Kristen will discuss how to turn your income into wealth.

A bit more about our speakers:

Kristen Winter experienced success as an entrepreneur at an early age, building award-winning women’s fitness franchises. After Life taught her “the hard way” that the big income was not the same as Wealth, she became fiercely determined to understand how to make smarter decisions about money and find the true path to financial freedom.These tough lessons ultimately led Kristen to a satisfying career helping clients achieve the 7 Money Milestones of Financial Security & Independence so they can ultimately experience the freedom, security, and peace of mind of a work-optional lifestyle. As an advocate for financial literacy, especially for women and small business owners, she is driven to empower clients and audiences to start where they are – no matter where they are – on the path to financial independence.

About WealthWave & How Money Works

WealthWave is bringing an end to the global crisis of financial illiteracy by disrupting the largest industry in the world—the financial industry. Unlike the rest of the industry who overlook the majority of North Americans or take advantage of them, we fight for families by first teaching them how money really works and then by helping them create the financial security and independence they deserve.

With our How Money Works education platform, we are closing the gap between those who know how money works and those who don’t. It’s time to break the cycle of endless debt, foolish spending, and financial cluelessness, so anyone who wants to take control of their financial future has the knowledge to make it happen.

We see a world where everyone is financially literate and has access to the tools and support they need to use that knowledge to create a better life for themselves and their children. We help families dream again.

Lauren Francis is the Founder and President of Mulberry Talent Partners, a premier recruiting and staffing agency in Portland, Oregon. Lauren possesses over 25 years of experience in the placement and recruitment industry. Mulberry is committed to delivering the following to our candidates:  Exceptional customer service, taking impeccable care of our relationships, and providing resources and tools for you to thrive in the job market. 

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