Resolving Workplace Conflict

Unresolved workplace conflict is a commonly overlooked cause for employee turnover, absenteeism, and low team morale that can wreak havoc on your team’s productivity. Waiting for things to “work themselves out” is not the solution; taking action is!

That is why the Mulberry Talent Partners team is partnering with Chris Sheesley, President of In-Accord Inc., to provide leaders with the tools and tips needed to fix workplace conflicts. In this interactive #LeadershipConversation, we will help leaders:

🤝 Identify the four barriers to solving workplace discord

🤝 Overcome each barrier with potent insights and tools

🤝 Apply the surprising power of impartiality

🤝 And more!

Interpersonal conflict at work can be difficult to resolve, especially as it escalates. However, Chris Sheesley and his team at In-Accord Inc., among the most seasoned conflict management professionals in the Northwest, are eager to help put derailed workplace relationships back on track. With 30 years of full-time experience, a client roster of hundreds of notable organizations, and a track record of over 2,000 cases, Chris and his team are the go-to experts for helping senior managers and HR professionals handle employee conflict successfully.

Leaders may try several conflict management techniques yet still be unsuccessful and uncertain about how to respond to conflict most effectively. Fortunately, in this interactive webinar, you will learn how most workplace conflicts can be resolved and how these successful resolutions can strengthen workplace relationships and restore productivity.


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