Our Story

I have always admired and been drawn to exceptional companies that do incredible work. Hospitality, retail, healthcare, creative, tech, manufacturing … my interests cross all sectors. My passion is in learning how others have taken the entrepreneurial journey to captivate customers by providing world-class products and services.

My heroes are not celebrities. My heroes are people that start, run and build companies. I listen to shows such as From Scratch, Bloomberg News and Nightly Business Report. I admire companies that produce superior products, companies that live their mission, provide extraordinary customer service, take care of their employees, and companies that go out in the world every day and make a difference for their customers, employees, and suppliers.

I am attracted to companies and people that have a great story. We all have great stories. I love hearing the stories of the people that I work with as clients, candidates and partners at Mulberry Talent Partners. With our candidates, learning about the work they do, the passion they have for their career and the pride they have developed in their expertise. I enjoy bringing their unique and special stories to our hiring managers to help them continue to do the great work that they love – but now with one of Mulberry’s clients. It is these firms who achieve excellence, who differentiate against their competition and win in the marketplace. It is a delight to bring talent to these companies and watch the companies and employees thrive.

Mulberry Talent Partners is my third start-up. I have been blessed to have the courage, confidence and good fortune to successfully develop two other placement firms: Maid in America and Town & Country Resources. Through these firms, I developed my expertise in matching candidates and clients as well as my commitment to differentiating on excellence of service. There is an art, craft, and refined expertise in placement that comes from experience and a passion for this work. At Mulberry, we embrace this passion.

~Lauren Francis, Founder