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We are pleased to provide job seekers with the tools to succeed in their job search, including our Mulberry Virtual Interview Guide.


  • Set your computer up in a quiet, bright place with a professional or blank background.
  • Remove distractions including television, cell phone, music, pets, and children.


  • Test out your technology a day in advance, including audio and visual. Ask a friend to do a test run with you!
  • Download necessary software (example: Zoom software is regularly updated. Make sure you’re all set!).
  • Clean your camera lens.
  • Utilize a headset or earbuds, if available.
  • Check your wifi connection. Disconnect other devices from wifi if the connection is spotty.

Dress code: 

  • Dress as you would for an in-person interview. Not only will you look professional, but you’ll also feel better about yourself.
  • Keep makeup and jewelry/accessories minimal.

Body Language:

  • Be sure to stay bright, upbeat, friendly and open, smile.
  • Pause in between responses to allow the interviewer to fully digest and ask questions.
  • In lieu of body language, pick up on the tone of the interviewer. Listen to how they respond to gauge your own responses.
  • Stay professional and positive, even if you feel that the interview is not going well.

Preparing for the interview: 

  • Come prepared with no more than three questions to ask at the end of your interview. These questions should be directly related to the position.
  • Research the company and review the job description in great detail. Be prepared to answer questions that relate to the role and your background.
  • Be prepared to show some of your work/previous projects/accomplishments. Share your screen, if the opportunity is right.
  • Know your resume—be able to tell the story of your resume that aligns with the role you are interviewing for.

Closing and after the interview: 

  • Ask about timeline and express your continued interest in the role.
  • Send a thank-you email the same day. Personalize this note as much as possible, even taking this opportunity to briefly expand on one of your interview answers. Be sure to express your interest and enthusiasm for joining their organization.
  • Follow-up once their shared timeline has passed to share your continued interest. Emails that don’t require a response are best, especially at this time.

Additional Support:

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