Partnering With a Recruiter or Recruiting Agency for Your Job Search

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When searching for your next job opportunity, or looking to make your next career move, it can be a lonely process. Reading over your resume, completing seemingly endless applications, repeatedly editing your cover letter, and checking your phone and email constantly for some news…any news!

Do you ever wish you had someone on your side, in your corner of the ring? Fighting for you, advocating for you, and someone to bounce ideas off of? That is where Mulberry Talent Partners can help.

We are Portland’s premier recruiting agency for direct-hire, temporary-to-hire, and temporary or contract positions. It is our goal to create successful connections for job seekers through our unwavering commitment to providing superior service and valuable resources. We’re here to partner with you and to take the loneliness out of your job search. We can help you discover your next role by offering advice and tips, partnering with you in your search, and connecting you with Portland’s top employers.

At Mulberry Talent Partners, we’re best equipped to work with applicants who have relevant experience in our specialty areas: Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Professional Office, Administrative, and Operations. View our current job opportunities here.

What is a recruiter? How can Mulberry Talent Partners help you?

A recruiter is a professional who is tasked with filling a role for an organization. There are two main types of recruiters, internal or corporate, and those who work for recruiting agencies like Mulberry Talent Partners. Internal or corporate recruiters work solely for one organization and work to fill a variety of roles. Recruiting firms like Mulberry Talent Partners are hired by organizations to fill roles for them externally. Differing from an internal recruiter, recruiting firms work with numerous clients in a variety of industries and tend to specialize in specific professional areas.

At Mulberry Talent Partners, we partner with organizations to source, screen, and present candidates for job openings. We make the Mulberry Match with every placement, which involves assessing fit for qualifications, company culture, and other intangibles.

We partner with candidates to provide them with job search tips, personalized resume advice, networking opportunities, and job opportunities! We take the time to get to know you and what you are looking for in your next organization, your next role, and your longer-term career.

Working with a recruiter gives you:

  • A partner for advice and feedback
  • An experienced professional
  • Direct access to organizations and hiring managers
  • Insight into the role and organization so you are set for success
  • Interview preparation
  • Access to unposted roles
  • A chance to grow your network
  • The ability to keep your search confidential
  • Market insights
  • Ongoing support throughout your entire career, not just help into the next role
  • A competitive edge

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