How to Identify Your Life Priorities

Navigating a career path that is truly good for you can often be difficult because you have to sort through all of your competing hopes, dreams, fears, demands, and obligations. Knowing and reflecting on your Life Priorities will increase your chances of creating the success that truly matters to YOU. In this conversation, we will cover:

  • How to identify your life priorities
  • Determine what success means to you
  • Commit to one small step

A bit more about our speaker:

Heather Stewart is dedicated to helping people identify their priorities and to embrace their own vision of success so that they can bring the best of themselves to their personal and professional worlds. She’s passionate about supporting people to embrace their passions while building a regular practice of self-care that will help them navigate their lives without getting burned out

She is gifted at combining kindness, humor, and tough love to help clients break through limiting beliefs and patterns that may have kept them stuck and struggling for years or even decades.

Heather spent much of her career as a leader inside organizations where her passion and expertise in coaching, mentoring, and advising grew. In 2014, she joined Carpenter Smith Consulting, where she provides executive and career coaching, women’s group facilitation, work/life balance advising, and group workshops.


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